Food Industry

Food and Beverage

  • - Caffeine
  • - E 153
  • - Glucose
  • - Edible oils and fats
  • - Fruit juices
  • - Wine

Food industry commonly uses natural activated carbons in purification and decolorization process. In cane sugar and glucose refining, in edible oils and fats purification as in wine and vinegar decolorization, activated carbon represents an important factor to give the necessary quality characteristics to the final products. Also for synthetic products as, in the field of food additives, artificial sweeteners and aromas, a treatment with activated carbon is a crucial step to achieve the requested final purity. In decaffeination process, carried out with supercritical CO2 or with boiling water, adsorption of caffeine on activated carbon becomes the key factor to preserve the quality of decoffeinated beans.